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Healios’ CircadyTM wins 2019 MedTech Breakthrough Award for Innovation in Sleep Therapy

Circady, a 21st century insomnia treatment, provides anytime, anywhere access for patients and providers by combining leading mobile technology, telehealth and wearable devices.

Flemington, NJ – June 13, 2019

Healios, a leader in connecting patients and providers through the smart use of mobile technology, today announces that CircadyTM, Healios’ integrated digital solution for sleep specialists and their patients, has been awarded “Best Sleep Monitoring Solution” by the 2019 MedTech Breakthrough Awards program. MedTech Breakthrough Awards honor excellence and innovation across health and medical technology.

“While insomnia and other sleep issues affect millions of people globally, the sleep field is 20 years behind its time. We are committed to providing a solution through common digital technology that improves treatment access, efficiency and effectiveness – for both patients and providers,” said Corne de Jong, Circady COO & Co-Founder. “Being recognized with a MedTech Breakthrough Award just further validates our innovative and easy-to-use platform.”

The need for technology for sleep solutions is well documented. About one in four Americans develop insomnia each year. While Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i) is widely recognized as the most effective sleep treatment available, access to this therapy through sleep clinics and private providers is not available to everyone.

Insomnia is a common symptom of PTSD and TBI that can have a debilitating impact on patients, and early intervention is critical to preempt disease progression associated with physical or emotional trauma“, said Magali Haas, MD, PhD, CEO and President, Cohen Veterans Bioscence. “We think it is critical to support this technology in tracking sleep, which enables healthcare providers to define individual health trajectories and customize treatment to improve the everyday lives of those suffering from sleep disorders.

About SleepWell and Circady

The SleepWell program was established and funded by Cohen Veterans Bioscience, a biotechnology research organization dedicated to fast-tracking personalized diagnostics and therapeutics for brain health in partnership with Healios and the EarlySignal Foundation. SleepWell aims to develop precision, digital health solutions for delivery via a platform that includes home-based, telehealth CBT-i for insomnia, a sleep diary app, integrated validated sensor & devices that measure critical sleep measures, and generation of predictive algorithms. The program is testing the utility of this solution in helping individuals who suffer also from post- tramatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI) and major depressive disorder (MDD). Circady is the first licensed spin-off product of the SleepWell research program, and can help all individuals suffering from insomnia, not only those with PTSD, TBI or MDD.

About Healios

Healios is a provider of digital health solutions. Healios connects patients, medical providers, and health institutions through the smart use of mobile technology and data science. We are specialized in developing remote patient monitoring solutions and digital biomarkers in target chronic conditions. Healios leverages ubiquitous mobile & wearable technology with the smart use of algorithm and machine learning to improve clinical intervention.

Circady provides anytime, anywhere access to CBT-I by combining leading mobile technology, telehealth and wearable devices to optimize sleep treatment. Patients can use the mobile Circady Sleep Diary App as a sleep diary and track daily activities that may impact their sleep.

The Circady app provides scheduling and Telehealth functionalities, allowing users to speak with their provider from virtually anywhere.

For providers, the patient’s information is transmitted via Circady PRO, a secure online portal, and is available anytime. Working with the digital sleep diary and online portal saves on average of 10-15 minutes of time that can be spent on treatment rather than administration. Circady PRO also has Telehealth integrated to allow these providers to cover the many underserved areas in the US.