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Circady – A remarkably efficient tool for sleep specialists

Get great outcomes with your clients.

Speed up intake, offer a digital sleep diary to clients, monitor progress with automatically calculated sleep diary data, integrate client’s wearable data, and increase client satisfaction with overall sleep therapy — all with Circady.

Expand your practice.

Reach more clients through Telehealth and expand your practice through Circady’s network. Circady will refer new clients to you, via Telehealth.

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Circady is sleep therapy modernized – and made remarkably efficient.

Circady employs subjective user data and wearable sensor technology to create a data-driven, personalized, and effective treatment experience for your clients. Speed up intake, offer a digital sleep diary to clients, monitor progress with automatically calculated sleep diary data, reach more patients through telehealth, and expand your practice through our network — all with Circady:

  • The Circady App.
    Our app is built on the basis of clinically approved sleep diaries used by accredited sleep specialists. Your clients use it to accurately record the events, activities, and circumstances that might be impacting their ability to sleep well. It helps to assure you that you are working with quality data when you assess and treat your patients.

  • The Circady Dashboard.
    An easy-to-use digital interface that gives you 24/7 online access to your clients’ data — and allows you to compile and assess that data quickly and accurately. The dashboard also allows you to readily monitor your patients’ progress between sessions and to better personalize their treatment.
  • The Circady Platform.
    A multi-feature tool that provides you with telehealth and online scheduling capabilities that make treatment easier and more convenient for both you and your clients — allowing you to offer your services to anyone in the state(s) where you are licensed. Additionally, it connects you with new clients who have sleep problems and are looking for a healthcare provider.

Circady Features
Digital Sleep Diary App
Digital Dashboard
Integrated Scheduling And Telehealth
Circady Referrals
Circady Peer Support Network (Coming Soon)

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The benefits of Circady — for you and your clients.

  • Telehealth-based for client convenience and provider reach
  • Integrated wearable technology for data-driven, personalized treatment
  • Interactive and engaging for clients
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant technology
  • The ease of online referral, consent, scheduling, and sessions
  • Quality assurance, follow-up, documentation, and reports
  • Contribution to a growing CBT-i dataset

What people are saying about Circady…

“Finally, there’s an online sleep diary that actually can give you what you need to help your clients.”

Dr. Lauren Broch, Licensed Psychologist

“Circady has the potential to create awareness about CBT-i as the preferred treatment option for sleep problems. The platform helps existing and new CBT-i providers deliver the service more effectively and conveniently.”

Philip Gehrman, PhD, CBSM

“Circady gives you a more realistic view of actual behavior and patterns because it requires clients to use the app every day, instead of trying to recall what happened several days ago.”

Dr. Joshua Tal, Licensed Psychologist

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Healthcare Provider FAQs

Healthcare providers can use Circady to provide effective treatment that is timely, personalized, efficient, convenient, and cost effective, as well as expand their client base.

Your client’s privacy is important to us. Circady is compliant with HIPAA, the U.S. law that provides for data privacy and security of all patients’ medical information.

Our goal at Circady is to fully explore the potential for CBT-i, telehealth, and connected care to assist patients, healthcare providers, and researchers. Check back with us often to keep abreast of developments, or sign up here to receive news updates automatically.

Circady is a brought to you by Healios, Inc. in collaboration with a team of sleep researchers and experienced sleep therapists. You can learn more about the Circady team on the About Us page of this website.

At this time, the benefits of Circady are available to healthcare providers at no cost; however, a patient fee will be instituted in the near future. Full pricing information will be available soon.

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