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Getting Started

You will be shown the Quick tour when you log in to the app for the first time. To view it again, go to the Settings tab in the app and select “Quick tour”.

Keeping a thorough sleep and lifestyle diary for seven consecutive days provides the information required to assess your sleep. It is typically the first step your doctor or sleep specialist will ask you to take before assessing your sleep issues. Circady requires 7 consecutive nights of sleep recorded in the app in order to generate your Sleep Report.

A Daytime Fatigue Score indicates the impact of your sleep quality on your daily life. Higher scores indicate more impact and lower scores indicate less. A score of 50 is considered average based on the general population. Circady will use this score, along with other data captured from your Sleep Diary, as part of your final Sleep Report.

A Sleep Quality Score gives healthcare providers insight into self-reported perceptions of your sleep, including sleep quality, sleep depth, and sleep satisfaction. Higher scores indicate lower sleep quality and lower scores indicate higher sleep quality. A score of 50 is considered average based on the general population. Your Sleep Quality Score, in combination with your Sleep Efficiency information and other data collected by Circady, will be synthesized to create your Sleep Report.

Sleep efficiency is calculated based on the total time you slept during a night compared to the total time you intended to sleep. Most people with a sleep efficiency of 85% and higher often feel like they have had a good night’s sleep.

Circady requires you to enter your experiences because it’s important that healthcare providers see how you feel and how you interpret your sleep in order for them to diagnose you accurately. Your Fitbit data supplements the information you enter but does not replace it.

Not quite. While Circady does have you track your sleep for at least 7 days, the purpose is to aid your clinician in providing accurate and personalized recommendations for improving your sleep. This app aims to be an “aid to diagnosis” for those suffering from what could be insomnia.


Access and update your profile in the Settings tab in the app. Here, you can edit information such as your name, email, and date of birth.

Access and update your password in the Settings tab in the app.

You can turn on Touch ID on the login screen and in the Settings tab in the app.

Circady allows you to receive in-app notifications, which must be enabled for the reminders feature to work. Access and update your notifications in the Settings tab in the app.

Reminders help you stay on track with logging your sleep every day so that you can get a Sleep Report. Circady allows you to enable and adjust the time for both Morning and Bedtime reminders in the Settings tab of the app.

Syncing with Other Devices

Data from these devices supplements the information you enter into Circady to give healthcare providers more insight into your sleep issues.

You can connect to your Fitbit by going to the Settings tab in the app and selecting “External Devices”.

iOS users will be prompted to enable access to HealthKit during the Quick tour.

Android users will be prompted to enable access to Google Fit during the Quick tour.

Sleep Report

After logging your sleep for 7 days, Circady generates a Sleep Report completely unique to you. The report summarizes and synthesizes the information you’ve recorded. It provides the types of data that will enable a healthcare provider to begin to understand, and even diagnose, your sleep issues.

Based on your results, your Sleep Report may recommend that you see your healthcare provider or a sleep specialist to discuss the results. If this is the case, you’ll be able to download or print the report and take it to your doctor. He or she will then be able to more accurately assess your results and provide a possible path to treatment.

If your Sleep Report does not recommend you see your healthcare provider or a sleep specialist to discuss the results, yet you still feel fatigued during the day or feel that something is not right with your sleep, be sure to make an appointment with your doctor. Take the sleep report with you to your appointment.

After logging your sleep for 7 days in the Circady app, a personalized Sleep Report will generate automatically and immediately. You’ll be able to access it on the Home screen of the app.

Other Questions about Circady

No. Circady does not give you an actual diagnosis. It’s what we call an “aid to diagnosis”. In other words, it is intended to provide information to help a licensed healthcare professional diagnose a sleep problem and determine the right treatment.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia (CBT-i) is widely recognized as the most effective sleep therapy available and is recommended by leading health institutions around the world. We believe that anyone who needs it should be able to access this therapy. That’s the main reason we’ve created Circady.

The Circady app is actually more than a 7-day sleep diary app. If CBT-i can help Circady users and they elect to seek treatment with one of our providers, the app unlocks sophisticated treatment capabilities that use video chat combined with mobile, wearable, and home-sensor technologies to allow customized, data-driven insomnia treatment from licensed medical professionals in the comfort of their own homes.

Click here If you would like to know when Circady CBT-i therapy becomes available in your state.

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