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Circady: Get the help you need to
sleep better

Do you have trouble sleeping?
Are you ready to get help?
The Circady app is designed to
make it easy for you to collect and
record the information a doctor
or sleep specialist needs to
begin to understand and
diagnose your sleep issue.

Use the Circady app to track your sleep and get a personalized report

The Circady app is a clinical tool for collecting the information a healthcare professional needs to analyze, diagnose, and even treat your sleep problems. Because it’s important that healthcare providers understand how you feel and how you interpret your sleep, the Circady app helps you record your personal sleep and daily activity experiences for 7 days. In addition, the app gathers activity data from your smartphone or Fitbit to provide additional insight.

Give the report
to your
healthcare provider

After 7 days of use, the Circady app will create your sleep report, which you should share with your healthcare provider. It will contain the information a healthcare professional needs to accurately assess, and even diagnose, sleep problems like insomnia. Read more…

It’s easy to get started with Circady

Download the Circady app from Google Play or the Apple App Store now.

Download now

Download now

Coming soon

Sleep therapy at your fingertips

Circady will soon launch a novel platform for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i) that uses video chat combined with mobile, wearable, and home-sensor technologies. The platform will allow customized, data-driven treatment from licensed medical professionals in the comfort of your own home.

Stay tuned for more details, including a directory of participating professionals in your state.

Stay informed

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